Blocking:  The technical rehearsal in which the actor’s position in relation to the camera are plotted out.

Coverage:  The way in which a group oh shots is designed (by the director and DP) to cover all the action described in any one scene of the screenplay.

Magic hour:  The term used to describe the twilight time of early evening, which on film can make the sky appear deep blue.

Marks: Positions, marked out by tape on the floor, given to the actors to enable them to achieve the camera/action blocking and to ensure they will be in the optimum place for focus and illumination.

Scene:  A self contained unit of action in one location, as laid out in the screenplay. A sequence of such units constitutes the dramatic action of the whole film.

Set-up:  The position of the camera in relation to the action during a shot, designed to cover a portion of a scene.  Each set-up is identified by a slate number on the clapperboard.

Storyboard:  the action of a scene or sequence, broken down into a series of drawings like a comic strip.

Take:  each repeated attempt to capture successfully on film the intention of the set-up.