Director of photography also refereed to as DP, lighting cameraman (or simply cameraman): Head of the camera department, primarily responsible for all the photographic elements of a film.

Camera operator:  works in close collaboration with the DP and the director to determine the camera’s position and movement during a shot, witch s/he physically executes.

Focus puller (1st camera assistant):   Responsible for determining and maintaining the field of focus required by each shot.

Clapper loader (2nd camera assistant):   Responsible for loading and unloading film stock and keeping records of each day’s shooting so that the film laboratories know what to print. Also responsible for the clapper board which identifies each shot and every take of the film; ‘clap’ also provides the editor’s assistants with the means of synchronizing picture and sound.

Grip:   works with the DP and camera operator, and is responsible for haw the camera is mounted and moved, for example, on a tripod dolly or crane.  For a tracking shot, the grip will lay tracks on which the dolly is pushed or pulled.  On bigger budget films, which require a lot of complex camera movement, a team of grips will work under the key grip.

Gaffer:  Head of the lighting department works closely with the DP to determine how to execute the lighting required in each set or location.

Sparks:  The electricians who control the power supply and rig the lights according to the gaffer/DP‘s instructions.