Romanian Society of Cinematographers was founded to keep awake the professional cinematographers spirit and to promote new techniques whom already are spreading around the world. The goals of RSC are:

  • the inter-relational promoting and defending of the professional interests of the Romanian cinematographers
  • defending the cultural, professional and moral principles of the members;
  • supporting, promoting all initiatives and manifestations which contribute to development of the Romanian film industry;
  • collaborating with other associations, institutions etc. in view of improving the technical and artistic level of the cinematography works of art;
  • promoting and supporting any activities additional to those proposed by the association in relation to the development of the film industry and/or the restoring of the representative.
  • militating for the recognition of the authorship rights for the DoP.

All members are invited by a full member to join the RSC, followed by his resume and self professional standards who meet the society’s status.

RSC itself was founded by an initiative group ( all D.o.P.’s) by the end of 2007 and at IMAGO general assembly in February 2008 became the 28th European Federation of Cinematographers member.

RSC will involve in restorations programs for old Romanian movies and try to implement all new digital or analog standards in projection or digital work-flow in order to keep DoP’s vision untouched. Further more RSC members will be part of re-scanning all Romanian important movies in order to release a new series of Author DVD’s, or organize  master-classes for young/students cinematographers.