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Romanian Society of Cinematographers (RSC) & The National University of Drama and Film “I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest (UNATC) in partnership with IMAGO organizes the 1st Romanian Cinematography Master class in Bucharest, between 11 and 13 of June 2009.
The theme of the Masterclass in 2009 will be DIGITAL VS. FILM STOCK - THE GOOD OLD DILEMMA.

Two high-end digital cameras (SI2k and Arri D21) and a 35 mm camera (Arriflex 435) will be used in similar conditions by European Cinematographers in the UNATC sound stage. The shooting will be done using both spherical and anamorphic lens, as they have been offered by Vantage (V-lite HAWK lenses) and Panalight (Ultra Prime lenses).
The presence of International Cinematography will be illustrated in the lighting and preparation of 3 sets inside the studio of the University. Five cinematography schools will be represented during this event, as Cinematographers from Australia (Mr. Demian Josegph), Bulgaria (Mr. Ivan Tonev – Vice-president of IMAGO) , France (Mr. Jean-Louis Viallard), Romania (Mr. Marius Panduru) and United Kingdom (Rodrigo Guttierez) will do their best to create the “worst nightmare” a Cinematographer may have in lighting a scene - from shiny objects to variation of light from in to outside, from reflections to different tones of skin of the characters they will have to shoot. The filters to be used only on the lighting equipment, are provided generously by Lee Filters.

Scheduled during 3 days, the Master Class will include technical presentation of equipment introduced by ARRI, P+S Tecknik and Transvideo, shooting and DI for the camera evaluation and screening both on digital and film. We will have the pleasure of introducing to the participants some of the most important technicians available in the companies attending the event, as from Arri Bill Lovell will talk about the advantages of shooting Digital with the ARRI D21, Carlos Alvarez will present the Digital camera that was used in the shooting of the “Slam Dog Millionaire” – the SI2K and Jacques Delacoux will introduce the 3D shooting rig from Transvideo together with other Digital mini-monitors that the 2 digital cameras will use on the shooting interval. As a contra-part to these presentation, Mr. Holger – Technical Manager from Kodak Germany will present the latest news from Kodak.

Intended for 75 participants, the audience will be represented by both well established and future cinematographers from Romania, directors and producers and other technicians from the industry.

The schedule of the event is organized as follows:
1.       On Thursday, 11th:
a.      10 to 13 o’clock - technical presentation from Arri and P+S Technik
b.      13 to 19 o’clock – shooting of the 3 scenes with the cameras

2.       On Friday, 12th:
a.      10 to 13 o’clock – hands on cameras – interaction between students, technicians and cameras. Presentations by Transvideo and Kodak
b.      15 to 18 o’clock – digital screening of all materials, including 435 scanning

3.       On Saturday, 13th:
a.      10 to 13 o’clock – classical screening in Eforie cinema and discussions
b.      15 to 18 o’clock – parallel screening in UNATC screening room. Depending on number of participants, possible multiple screening sessions.
c.       We will have a lunch break offered by Castel Film.

The Master class will be organized with the generous and ongoing support of the following organizations: Transvideo, ARRI, P+S Technik, Vantage, Lee Filters, Kodak, Abis Studio, Panalight, Castel Film, Multimedia Est, Tandem Film, Domino Productions, Fundatia de Arte Vizuale, Multimedia Film, Bivolul Advertising, Saga Film.

RSC va decerna in seara galei Gopo 2009 premiul de imagine al Asociatiei pentru productiile romanesti care au avut premiera in anul 2008.
Premiul reprezinta recunoasterea meritelor unui director de imagine (membru RSC sau nu) in realizarea imaginii unui film de lung metraj prezentat anul trecut pe ecranele Romanesti, si este votat de catre membrii RSC (titulari, stagiari si onorifici) pe site-ul asociatiei.

DoP - Ion Marinescu
DoP - Vivi Dragan Vasile
DoP - Tudor Lucaciu
DoP - Marius Panduru
DoP - Viorel Sergovici

Shining Through a Long, Dark Night: Romanian Cinema, Then and Now

Every now and then in film a tangible if invisible phenomenon, a "talent cloud" descends upon a nation, and its filmmakers turn out impressive numbers of wonderful films that reinvigorate the medium. Such has been the case with the remarkable Romanian "new wave" of the past five or six years. After the crowning achievement of last year’s 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days - winner of both the Grand Prize at Cannes and Felix for Best Film - Romanian cinema has been, deservedly, the talk of critics and bloggers, as well as avid moviegoers.

Yet, few if any movements in film don’t have solid roots in the past. The great achievements of Romania’s emerging filmmakers such as Cristi Puiu, Cristian Mungiu, Ruxandra Zenide were foreshadowed by earlier generations - Liviu Ciulei, Lucian Pintilie, Dan Pita, Mircea Daneliuc, Alexandru Tatos, among others. With Shining Through a Long, Dark Night, the Film Society, in collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, brings together many of the finest recent Romanian films with a selection of key films from the pre-1989 Romania cinema. Through this series, we hope to introduce the lively - if frequently interrupted by censorship - tradition of Romanian filmmaking that forms the deep foundation for the current cinematic explosion that has led some critics to claim that Romanians have re-invented the art film.

For a listing of the films in the series go to Program Overview.

Click on Calendar to view the schedule, film descriptions and to purchase tickets online.


1 March 2008 - Romanian Society of Cinematographers launch

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