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Adress: Str. Constantin Bosianu 23, sector 4, Bucharest 040505, Romania. Tel.: (40.21) 723.195.133

e-mail: alecusolomon@hotmail.com
web: www.alexandrusolomon.ro


Cinematographer, Director, Video Artist. Member of the Romanian Filmmakers’ Guild and of EDN (European Documentary Network).

Alexandru has been making documentaries since 1993, while pursuing his career as director of photography for fiction films. His films are mixing genres, using his visual and experimental skills and have been screened in tv stations and awarded in festivals around the world. In the last years, Alexandru has entered the arena of international coproduction with the Great Communist Bank Robbery (premiered at IDFA 2004). He has been teaching both in the Film Academy as well as in the Fine Arts Academy in Bucharest. He published papers on filmmaking in several publications in Hungary and Romania.

Cinematography for Fiction Films:

2004: "L’HOMME PRESSE" / DoP; Super 16mm. Directed by Sebastien Grall for France2.
2004: "SWEET SAUNA OF DEATH" / DoP; 35mm. Directed by Andrei Blaier.
2003: "THE PHARAOH" / DoP; shot on digital, transferred to 35mm. Dir. by Sinisa Dragin.
Selected at Rotterdam, Alba, Sarajevo FF.
2003: "EXAM" / DoP; 35mm and video. Directed by Titus Muntean.
Selected at "Go East" Festival Wiesbaden, Germany.
2002: "HELLRAISER-DEADER" / cameraman; 35mm. Dir. by Rick Smith (USA).
2000: "GOD KISSES US ON THE MOUTH"/ DoP; shot on digital, transferred to 35mm. Dir. by Sinisa Dragin.
Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival, Special Prize at the Cairo Film Festival, Camera Award at the Belgrade Film Festival.
1998: "FACE TO FACE"/ DoP; 35mm. Dir. by Marius Barna.
Selected at the Montreal and Los Angeles International Film Festivals.
1995: "STATE OF THINGS"/ cameraman; 35mm. Directed by Stere Gulea.
1994: "THE STONE CROSS"/ co-director of photography; 35mm. Dir. by Andrei Blaier.
1993: "LOOK FORWARD IN ANGER"/ DoP; 35mm. Dir. by N. Margineanu.
Great Prize at the Pesaro Film Festival, Special Prize at Troia Film Festival, Portugal.
Award for Cinematography, International Camera Festival, Bitola, Macedonia.

Documentaries & experimental / Direction and camera (selective) :
2007: "COLD WAVES" – "Razboi pe calea undelor" / radio versus state terror during the Cold War and after.
DoP: Andrei Butica.
108 min. Prod. Hi Film, Geppert Productions, Paul Thiltges Distributions. CNC, TVR (Romania), YLE Finland with Media Plus, Nipkow Programm and Jan Vrijman support. Leipzig, Astra and IDFA premieres.

2006: "CLARA B." / Docu-fiction: the 20th century through the eyes of a woman-photographer.
52 min. Prod. Seppia, NDR/Arte, FR3 Alsace  and TVR with support from French CNC.
Prize for Best Documentary, Dakino International Festival, 2006.
DoP: Alexandru Solomon (digital video)

2004: "THE GREAT COMMUNIST BANK ROBBERY" / how did the 1959 hold-up became a propaganda coup?. DoP: Constantin Chelba.
75 min. / 69 min. Prod. Les Films d’Ici, Libra Film, ZDF/Arte, BBC, FR2, with support from the National Film Center, Romania, Jan Vrijman Fund and Eurimages.
Prize of the Festival du Film d’Histoire, Pessac, France. Grand Prix Mediawave Hungary.
Prize for Social values, Documenta Madrid. Best Director, Hungarian-Romanian Doc Festival, 2005.
Selected in the Joris Ivens Competition at IDFA 2004, Jerusalem, Minneapolis, Sarajevo, Mar del Plata, Hong-Kong and Alpe Adria Film Festivals.

2002: "THE SWEET BREAD OF EXILE"Romania’s greatest comic author, Caragiale, exiled himself to Berlin
26 min. / 10 min. Prod. Fundatia Arte Vizuale, with support from the National Film Center, Romania.
Special Prize of the Jury, Romanian Filmmakers’ Union. Best Documentary, Alternative Festival, Targu Mures. Selected at Jerusalem, Mediawave  & Sarajevo FF.
Broadcasted by TVR 2 / Romania. Special screenings in Berlin, London.

2001: "THE MAN WITH THOUSAND EYES" / the life and pictures of Iosif Berman, reporter.
52 min. / 26 min. Prod. Ager Film, Fundatia Arte Vizuale, with support from the National Film Center, Romania.
Best Documentary, Dakino Film Festival (2001). Best Short Documentary, Romanian Filmmakers’ Guild.
Best Director and Best Photography, Cronograf FF, Chisinau.
Selected at DokumentArt, Germany; ArtFilm, Slovakia; Mediawave, Gyor; Astra International Festival, Romania.
DoP: Alexandru Solomon (35 mm).

1999: "A DOG’S LIFE"/ Bucharest, city of dogs, village without watchdogs.
23 min. A coproduction of Fundatia Arte Vizuale and the Soros Foundation, Romania.
Best Documentary Prize, Dakino Film Festival, Romania.
Selected by Videoart Locarno, Eureka Screenings, Budapest (1999).

1997: "FORTRESS GUARD"/ Documentary.
24 min. Prod. Fundatia Arte Vizuale, Romania. Great Prize, Ethnos Film Festival, Romania (1997).

1996: "ZURICH CHRONICLE"/ Romanian artists went to Zurich to invent Dada movement, 1916-1918.
40 min. in coll. with Radu Igazsag. Prod. Fundatia Arte Vizuale, with support form Pro Helvetia.
Special Prize, The Romanian Television Professionals’ Association. Great Prize, MediaFest '96, Romania.
Prize for Best Documentary, Young Filmmakers’ Festival, Costinesti (1996).
Broadcasted by TVR International / Romania. Special screenings in Zurich, Paris, Bruxelles.

1995: "VIA REGIS"/ A documentary on king Michael living in exile as an ordinary man.
62 min. in coll. with Radu Igazsag. Prod. Fundatia Arte Vizuale, Romania.
Award for Best Documentary, Romanian Filmmakers' Guild (1996).
Broadcasted by TVR International / Romania; TV Aben / Denmark.

1994: "DUO FOR PAOLONCELLO AND PETRONOME"/ Paul Celan’s youth in Bucharest, after WW2.
28 min. Prize for Best Video, International Youth Film Festival, Costinesti, Romania (1994).
Special Prize, Mediafest ’96, Romania.
Selected at Cracow / Poland (1995), Clermont-Ferrand (1996), Stuttgarter Filmwinter (1996).
Special screenings in Paris, Bruxelles, Mainz, Berlin. Broadcasted by Telecable, TVR 2 / Romania.

1993: "SHRIEK INTO THE EAR-DRUM"/ A visual essay on Romanian avant-garde, 1916-1947.
27 min. in coll. with Radu Igazsag. Prod. Fundatia Arte Vizuale, Romania.
Prize for Best Experimental Film, "Mediawave" Festival, Gyor, Hungary (1994).
Special Prize, International Film Festival, Targu-Mures, Romania (1994).
Award for Best Documentary, Romanian Filmmakers' Guild (1993).
Prize for Best Video, The Romanian National Film Festival, Costinesti, Romania (1993).
Selected at VideoFest Berlin (1994), Clermont-Ferrand (1995), Stuttgarter Filmwinter ’96.
Broadcasted by Kunskanaal / Holland; Duna TV / Hungary, TV Aben / Denmark; TVR 2 / Romania.

Education, Residences:

2001:            Discovery Campus Masterschool, Germany.
2000:            Nipkow Programm residence, Berlin, Germany.
1996:            Residence in Multimedia, University of California at San Diego, USA.
1986-1991: Studies at the Film and Theatre Academy, Camera Dept., Bucharest. Graduate.

Current Activities:

1996-2001: Assistant Professor at the Art Academy, Bucharest.
1993-present: Program Manager at Fundatia ARTE VIZUALE (Visual Arts Foundation).
1997- 1999:    Director and director of photography for TV shows at PRO TV, Bucharest.
1992-1995:    Assistant Professor at the Film and Theatre Academy, Camera Dept., Bucharest.

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